Grace Baptist Church
3731 West Point Road          LaGrange, Georgia 30240           706-882-9263

Prayer List
Brittany Adams (Cynthia Nix's niece)
The Allen Family
Seab Baker
Teressia Barber
Brenda Benefield
Pastor Donnie Benefield
The Family of Wendell Brown
Roger and Faye Benefield
Teresa Cadenhead (Pat Pound's daughter)
Wendy Chapman
Chad Cook
Jamie Cook
Richard Cook
​Bill Cornelle
Cooper Darda
Joel & Jane Dollar
Meghan Evans
Shane Frailey
Desmond Frick
Lindsey Garrett
Mary Gregory
Beverly Hamil
Ronnie and Lynn Horton
Oliver Jackson
Keith Kennedy
Janet Looney
Weston Miles
Rhonda Moore
Our Children's Program
Our Choir
Our Church
Our Church Leaders
Our Country
Our Local Government
Our Schools, Teachers, Principals, Children & Youth
Our State of Georgia
Our Sunday School
Our Youth
Jeff Parmer
Archie & Pat Pound
Sheryl Presnal
Shane Pressley
Frank & Mary Reese
Barbara Rutledge
Jim Rutledge
RU Groups, Leaders and Families
Christina Shepherd
Larry & Jennie Shoemaker
Diane Simmons (Chad's Aunt)
Avery Sprayberry
Larry & Juanita Waller
Tim White's Family
Fran Watts
Cindy Whaley
Barbie Whitley
Jan Yerigian and her niece
Michelle Yerigian